High Standard at Fun Challenge


High Standards at the Fun Challenge

Our annual Fun Challenge for our young Tigers and Dragons Taekwon-Do students took place recently in our Navan road (Dublin 7) venue. The event was aimed at developing the children’s competition skills and is an integral part of the RITA’s Children Development programme. We were delighted to share the event with the Tiger and Dragons from Dublin North East (Donnycarney) and their instructors.

The day started at St Joseph’s School for the Deaf with the younger Tiger students (6-8 years). There were about 30 students competing in four events; Technical (4-step punch), stretching routine, jumping kick and team sparring. The Tigers wowed the judges and audience with their advanced stretching routines and showed great enthusiasm in all of their events.

The Dragons (9-11 years) took to the mats in the afternoon and showed really high technical skills in the patterns event. Their advanced skills in flexibility, jumping ability and sparring were also on display as they impressed the umpires and parents.

Thank you to all the umpires from Grandmaster Howard’s school and Dublin North East for giving up their day to judge at the event.

The next event on the Tigers and Dragons programme is their grading in June.

Photos and videos of the event are on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Taekwon-Do-269597463114499/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1527472647326968



Tigers (6-8 years)

4-Step Punch

Group 1

Gold - James

Silver - Kerry

Bronze – Bobby and Arran


Group 2

Gold - Phong

Silver - Alex

Bronze – Emile and Conor


Stretching Routine

Boys Group 1

Gold - James

Silver - Arran

Bronze – Michael and Leo


Boys Group 2

Gold - Phong

Silver - Donnchadh

Bronze – Conor and Callum



Gold - Claudia

Silver - Holly

Bronze – Kerry and Julianna


Jumping  High Kick – Nopi Chagi


Gold – Kerry

Gold – Holly


Gold – Arran

Silver - Mihn

Gold – Oscar

Gold - Michael


Team Sparring


Gold – Dangerous Tigers

Silver – Taekwon-Do Sparrers

Bronze – The Duck Butts & Gecko Spinners



Gold – Golden Potatoes

Silver – Awesome Team






Dragons (9-12 years)


10th Kup – 4 Directional Punch

Gold - Kevin

Silver - Daire

Bronze – Cillian H and Emily J


9th Kup – Chon Ji

Gold - Hazel

Silver - Albert

Bronze – Ciara and Julia


8th Kup – Dan Gun

Gold - Adam

Silver - Oliwia

Bronze – Niamh and Luca


Stretching Routine

Boys Group 1

Gold - Daire

Silver - Kevin

Bronze – Albert and Luca


Boys Group 2

Gold - Adam

Silver – Cillan H

Bronze – Gerry and Corey



Gold - Oliwia

Silver - Hazel

Bronze – Libby and Ciara


Jumping  High Kick – Nopi Chagi


Gold – Oliwia

Gold – Hazel


Gold – Corey

Gold – Adam

Silver - Gerry


Team Sparring


Gold – The Fudge Nuggets

Silver – Superstars

Bronze – Taekwon-Do Champs & Sparring Sparrows



Gold – Sparring Squad

Silver – ITF

Bronze – Number 2 & Taekwon-Do Kickers