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Taekwon-Do Dublin TKD


At Master Howard’s Dojang (Cabra)


Taekwon-Do Dragons Programme

The aim of the Taekwon-Do Dragons programme is to develop the core skills required to help them learn Taekwon-Do when they get older, in a fun and safe environment. At this age the children have moved  towards learning more formal Taekwon-Do techniques, stances, patterns and sparring. As the children are older they have better concentration and ability and are better able to learn formal patterns etc.  Flexibility is a major aim of this programme as it is at this age that many children lose their flexibility if they don’t practice it. The belt structure is the same as the teenager and adult programme; white, yellow, green, blue, red, black.

Classes are €100 per term (two classes per week) or €75 per term (one class per week). For proper development most children at this age should train twice per week. There are three terms per year.

Information for Parents





Days / Times



  9-11 years

Dragons – Beginner to green tag


(2 classes per week)

Tues (7-8 pm)

St Joseph’s Sports Hall,

Ratoath Rd, Dublin 7


Fri (4-5pm)

The Bogies


€100/€75 per term.

3 terms per year

(Sept to Dec,

 Jan to Mar,

 Apr to June)

Master Howard

Mr A. Fox




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