Tigers & Dragons Instructors’ Course

This course is designed as an introduction to the RITA's Childrens development Programme also known as the Taekwon-Do Tigers and Dragons programme. It is aimed at instructors, black belts who want to teach, and adult colour belts who want to assist in the teaching of, the Tigers and Dragons classes in their school. The approved Tigers (6-8 years) and Dragons (9-11 years) programme is an alternative syllabus for young children with the aim of long term development of their flexibility, strength and Taekwon-Do techniques. This syllabus has proved very popular in the RITA schools which have adopted it and there has been a significant increase in the membership of these schools as a direct result. [Please note this new syllabus is an alternative syllabus for RITA schools who wish to avail of it. It is up to the Senior Instructor in each school whether they wish to teach the traditional syllabus or the recognised Tigers & Dragons syllabus to younger members]

The RITA's National Beginner's Month is this September so why not come along on the 15th and see if the syllabus can benefit your school!

Qualification: Black belt participants will receive a RITA Tigers & Dragons Instructor qualification (D Class Certificate) which will qualify them to teach the Tiger and Dragons syllabus. Adult colour belts will receive a RITA Tigers & Dragons Assistant qualification which will qualify them to assist a black belt instructor in the teaching of the Tiger and Dragons syllabus.

Course Content

  • New developments and overview of Tigers and Dragons syllabus
  • Outline of the aims, skills, learning activities, goals, assessments, grading system of both the tigers' and dragons' programme.
  • Explanation of the 3 year cycle in both programmes
  • Practical advice for teaching 6-8 year olds and 9 to 11 year olds
  • Practice teaching the two syllabi
  • Games and teaching exercises for young children
  • Motivating young children
  • Organising demos, fun challenges and gradings for Tigers and Dragons
  • Useful equipment for teaching children (sources of equipment)

All participants will receive a Pack setting out the full syllabus in detail, including easy-to-follow Class Plans, teaching plans, assessments, advertising material and everything you need to get the Tigers & Dragons Programme up and running in your school.

Open to: RITA instructors, adult black belts and adult Colour Belts (6th Kup+)


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