Tigers & Dragons Instructors’ Course

This course is designed as an introduction to the RITA's Childrens development Programme also known as the Taekwon-Do Tigers and Dragons programme. It is aimed at instructors, black belts who want to teach, and adult colour belts who want to assist in the teaching of, the Tigers and Dragons classes in their school. The approved Tigers (6-8 years) and Dragons (9-11 years) programme is an alternative syllabus for young children with the aim of long term development of their flexibility, strength and Taekwon-Do techniques. This syllabus has proved very popular in the RITA schools which have adopted it and there has been a significant increase in the membership of these schools as a direct result. [Please note this new syllabus is an alternative syllabus for RITA schools who wish to avail of it. It is up to the Senior Instructor in each school whether they wish to teach the traditional syllabus or the recognised Tigers & Dragons syllabus to younger members]

The RITA's National Beginner's Month is this September so why not come along on the 15th and see if the syllabus can benefit your school!

Qualification: Black belt participants will receive a RITA Tigers & Dragons Instructor qualification (D Class Certificate) which will qualify them to teach the Tiger and Dragons syllabus. Adult colour belts will receive a RITA Tigers & Dragons Assistant qualification which will qualify them to assist a black belt instructor in the teaching of the Tiger and Dragons syllabus.

Course Content

  • New developments and overview of Tigers and Dragons syllabus
  • Outline of the aims, skills, learning activities, goals, assessments, grading system of both the tigers' and dragons' programme.
  • Explanation of the 3 year cycle in both programmes
  • Practical advice for teaching 6-8 year olds and 9 to 11 year olds
  • Practice teaching the two syllabi
  • Games and teaching exercises for young children
  • Motivating young children
  • Organising demos, fun challenges and gradings for Tigers and Dragons
  • Useful equipment for teaching children (sources of equipment)

All participants will receive a Pack setting out the full syllabus in detail, including easy-to-follow Class Plans, teaching plans, assessments, advertising material and everything you need to get the Tigers & Dragons Programme up and running in your school.

Open to: RITA instructors, adult black belts and adult Colour Belts (6th Kup+)


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EITF European Championships Italy 2015

EITF European Championships Italy 2015


Mr Leon McSherry Pictured with Master Howard


Congratulations to Mr Leon McSherry from Grandmaster Howard's Dojang in Cabra on his Bronze medal in 4th Degree Patterns today at the EITF European Championships in Italy. It was a close semi final with Mr McSherry narrowly losing to the Greek representative. A fabulous showing from Mr McSherry bringing him his third European medal.


Congratulations from all Instructors and Students at Grandmaster Howard's Dojang.

Fun Challenge 2015

Fun Challenge Results


There was great skill and effort on show at this year’s Grandmaster Howard’s Fun Challenge on the Navan Road. Fifty students from Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Cabra, Finglas, Navan Road and Phibsboro converged on St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, Navan Road, Dublin 7, for a day of fun and Taekwon-Do.


The morning saw the younger Tigers group (6-8 years old) put the results of all their practice into effect in a high standard Taekwon-Do display. The Tigers had four events to perform in; 4-step kick, flexibility display, nopi chjagi and team sparring. The students wowed their parent and umpires alike with their advanced flexibility, jumping skills and footwork in sparring.


It was the turn of the older Dragons (9-11 years) in the afternoon to show off their skills and they did not disappoint.  Again the high level of flexibility and fantastic jumping (180 cm turning kick at age 9) resulted is rapturous applause from the audience.


“The students have been really practicing hard for this event” said Master Howard. “I was delighted to see that their footwork in the sparring was so good. They’ve been really working hard on that all term”, he added.


A big thanks to the umpires from across some of the RITA’s Dublin schools and GM Howard’s School for giving up their time to help run the event; Mr N. Fox, Mr Hennigan, Mr Barber, Ms Kenrick, Mr McCormack, Mr Walsh, Mr McSherry, Mr A. Fox, Mr Choi, Mr Malone.


Also a big thank you to our colour belts volunteers who helped keep the day running smoothly. Especially; Derek, Lee, Marta, Finn.


Next up on the tigers and dragons calendar is their grading in June. So more focussed practice over the coming weeks on 3-step and Korean words will help them prepare for that big day.


Finally thanks to all the parents who supported the event and really helped to create a nice relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the children to perform in.


Results for Fun Challenge below


                               Taekwon-Do Tigers (6-8 years)



Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

4-Step Kick

1st – Cian M

2nd – Libby

3rd – Cillian H

3rd - Onri

1st – Caolan

2nd – Daire

3rd – Fionn

3rd - Seamus

1st – Niamh

2nd – Paul

3rd – Hazel

3rd - Ruairi

Stretching Display

1st – Cian M

2nd – Jack

3rd – Neasa

3rd - Onri

1st – Cillian H

2nd – Caolan

3rd – Tymoteusz

3rd - Eoin

1st – Daire

2nd – Ruairi

3rd – George

3rd - Libby

Twimyo  Nopi Chagi (Jumping High Kick)

Winner at 150 cm

Cian M


Winner at 157 cm



Winner at 167 cm

Cian O’S


Team Sparring

Boys Teams

1st – Team Earth

2nd – Team Water

3rd – Team Wind

3rd – Team Fire


Girls Teams

1st – Team Ice

2nd – Team Fire




                              Taekwon-Do Dragons (9-11 years)



Group 1 – Chon Ji

Group 2 - 4-Dirn Punch

Group 3- 4-Dirn Punch


1st – Emily

2nd – Zoe

3rd – Chris


1st – Arthur

2nd – Juliet

3rd – Ciara

3rd - Sara

1st – Adam H

2nd – Daragh

3rd – Luca

3rd - Jack

Stretching Display

1st – Emily

2nd – Daragh

3rd – Zoe

3rd - Christian

1st – Oliwia

2nd – Juliet

3rd – Arthur

3rd - Luca


Twimyo Dollyo Chagi (Jumping Turning Kick)

Winner at 180 cm


Winner Chris



Team Sparring

Boys Teams

1st – Team Ice

2nd – Team Fire

Girls Teams

1st – Team Ice

2nd – Team Fire




Topaz Stamps

Hi All


The dealine for Topaz Cash for Clubs is the start of May . Can anyone who has stamps or cards return them to your instructor, this week if possible or next week at the latest.


Many thanks for assiting and hopefully we can make the required 300 stamps.



Master Howard

ITF Ireland Cup



Great Day at ITF-Ireland Cup, Tallaght


It was another great day for the Grandmaster Howard’s and Master Howard’s students at the recent ITF-Ireland Cup in Tallaght, Dublin 24. The competition which was hosted by St Mark’s Taekwon-Do School and run by the RITA attracted 230 competitors from around Ireland and the UK.


It was just a short journey for our students from Blachardstown, Cabra, Finglas, and the Navan road to the Tallaght Leisure centre, but it was well worth the trip. With our 18 competitors taking home 23 medals between then. It was an extra special day as it marked the 60th anniversary of the naming of Taekwon-Do by its founder Gen Choi Hong Hi (11th April 1955). All the competitors received a lovely anniversary Taekwon-Do bag from Master V Keane, the chief instructor of St Mark’s Taekwon-Do School, while Grandmaster Howard and Master Howard received beautiful framed pictures of Gen Choi. All of this added to the great atmosphere as members from different schools and associations mixed and competed in the spirit of Taekwon-Do.


As special well done to Mr McSherry for doing a great job on his first tournament as the new RITA Tournament Director. Everyone commented on how well it was run and let’s not forget Master Howard as the Chief Umpire.


We’re already looking forward to the RITA’s Irish Open in the National Basketball Arena, Dublin on Saturday the 21st November 2015.


List of our school’s medals winners below



Gold patterns



Gold patters, Gold sparring



Silver sparring



Silver patterns



Bronze sparring



Bronze patterns



Silver sparring



Gold sparring, Bronze patterns



Silver sparring, bronze patterns



Bronze patterns, bronze sparring



Gold sparring, bronze patterns



Bronze patters, bronze sparring



Silver sparring



Gold patterns, bronze sparring

Mr Leon


Gold patterns



Bronze patterns